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Expanding Element Tree Width

Just a suggestion, but since the release of the new responsive engine (which I’m quite enjoying I will add) I have noticed one frustration with having more nested groups. When I start to get quite a few layers deep, it becomes very difficult to identify an element since the width of the tree doesn’t expand until you get down to only one character visible. I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

Thank you!


Yes please! I ned this all the time. Although @chris1 lol on the nesting you’ve got going on here. Wowzers, that is a lot.


I’ve also a high need for this. As a shortcut, making it horizontally scrollable would help already.

I have the same situation - has this bee solved?

Hello friends,

I and, for sure, many other colleagues (entrepreneurs) are having the same issue, with a desire for resolution.
I don’t know if you did, but I registered a Support Case to Bubble support team yesterday (jan/10/23). And the return was:

This is a known limitation of the Elements Tree when the page contains a heavily nested container. Though an expandable Elements Tree is a feature request that is already on the radar of our Product and Engineering teams, I’ve gone ahead and submitted an additional feature request so that it can help prioritize this request for the future. At this time, I am unable to provide a specific timeline as when this feature will be implemented but I wanted to assure you again that this feature request is on the radar of our Product and Engineering teams

So, as you can see, although it was a very polite and thoughtful return, the subject has been known for a long time, but unfortunately it is not seen as a priority, and, there is no date to solve it.

In my understanding, as an entrepreneur and “as a paying” customer, I suggest Bubble to consider a review of its Priorities Policy. The reason is: As the “tree View session” is part of the journey of using the platform - We can say that it is one of the first vitrimes that even when accessing the platform

Of course, we comprehend that there is also a commercial strategy growth plan of Bubble Company, but, afteralmost 02 years without having a resolution…This I cannot understand the reason.

Hello, Mr. @emmanuel

This complaint can be seen in other posts in the forum, such as this one .

I was wondering about what Bubble can really to do to solve it?

Thank you

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We’re looking into ways to solve this, it’s not entirely easy as it’s supposed to work in many different situations, but hoping we’ll get something satisfactory in the coming weeks (can’t promise on a deadline though)


This would be marginalised with reusable elements, if you guys are able to use those. Just a thought.

Crazy tree though lol.

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I overcome this specifically by

  1. Using reusable elements.
  2. Labelling important elements so that it’s easy for me to search for.

It’ll be awesome when the team releases an resizable element tree but it’s something that i personally don’t think it’s important enough to prioritize.

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+1 for need

Hello @emmanuel
Thank you for feedback.
Even without the “dead line”, knowing that there are solid efforts for this is really great. Thank you for your time here and your team’s time out there.

I am looking forward to hearing news about it.

I don’t know if you guys knows about this plugin, but someone kind have made an solution for this issue. It’s a plugin for chrome and edge and it’s a solution (for now).

I found this in the forum

Elements tree width really needs to be resizable - Idea - Bubble Forum

and the plugin you can get here

Bubble Elements Width - Chrome Web Store (

Hope it help you

Hi @emmanuel
I was wondering about some news related this matter. Please, how about it this moment?

Thank you :+1: