Expected object, received string

Anyone encountered the same issue before?

JSON.parse(stringThingy);… Give more info if you’re not writing code.


Hello Doug, how can I implement this? I am not so good with it :sweat_smile: This is the data I am trying to pass.

“scheduleId”: 92997,
“startTime”: “09:00:00”,
“endTime”: “11:00:00”,
“days”: [

Pass where?

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I mean here, whenever I initialize that, it says Expected object, received string.

Send me the rest of the screenshot

here buddy! This is from cal.com api

Move your json body the way you had it, and remove the / after the id and before the apikey

Sad. Still having the same issue :sweat_smile:

You need to set a header

Content-type : application/json

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I will try this brother! I will update you guys! Thanks !

Now the error changed, I double checked the value and it is correct so not sure where this error is coming from.

PATCH doesn’t take a scheduleId

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