Experienced Bubble developer required for PropTech startup

Hey there! We’re currently building a PropTech start-up and looking to hire a developer on an ongoing basis.

The app:
It’s a responsive web application that acts as a two-sided marketplace for Landlords and Tenants. Check out OpenRent or Spareroom.co.uk to see similar apps.

We connect to a few API’s e.g
Rightmove & Zoopla API - we post listings to these 3rd party aggregators
Stripe API
Propertydata.co.uk API

What we’re looking for:

  • Strong understanding of Bubble.io and its workflows
  • Experience with responsive interfaces
  • Experience with integrating API’s with Bubble apps
  • Ability to troubleshoot and find solutions quickly
  • Someone who can get started very soon

Future Scope: We are looking to expand this app aggressively both in UK and internationally, there will be plenty of scope for interesting work and we are looking to build a great team and grow!

Please reply with:

  • A brief overview of your experience with Bubble.io and what API’s you have worked with in the past
  • Any relevant past projects or work.
  • Your availability to get started

Thank you


My name is Tobi Bolumole and I have been using the Bubble.io Platform since 2020.
With a wealth of experience in Bubble.io development, I specialize in crafting dynamic, interactive, and responsive web applications that engage users from their first click. My proficiency encompasses;

Custom Database setup
API Integration
Front-end design

I have developed some demo applications which involved some APIs like OpenAI, PlayHT API, Stable diffusionAI, AssemblyAI, WhisperAI

Some of my demo web applications include;

This project presents an innovative web application utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create personalized travel itineraries for Mexican cities. The user-friendly application is built around the AI’s natural language understanding, offering a conversational user interface. Users input their travel destinations, and the AI crafts a detailed itinerary that optimizes their travel based on these inputs.

Username is “username”

Password is “password”


This is a finance chatbot which incorporated OpenAI’s chatgpt that allows users communicate with the chat bot on finance related topics

I developed this web application that incorporated both OpenAI and stable diffusion AI
It’s a story generator web application that generates prompt+pictures
You can check out the application…
Put any name say “lebron james” and write in the story prompt and say "write a story about lebron James NBA career "

A story + a picture of lebron James is displayed as the answer

I would love to learn more about your project’s specific requirements and discuss how I can contribute to making it a success. Please feel free to share more details about the what you have in mind, as well as your timeline and any other expectations you may have.

Lastly, Am Available to get started on the project immediately.

Hey if you are lokking for a bubble.io developer then i can help you to replicating the figma with workflows. As i am working on a bubble form last 7 months. As experience i worked on a Saas product from replicating from figma to implementation with api workflows.

Great vision @romaanhussain !

My portfolio

Drop me a DM if you require API integration specialist.

Hello @romaanhussain!

I’m a 2 years experienced in Bubble. I developed many apps through these years. Apps like Tinder, Onlyfans, Poker Staking.

All my apps are developed 100% responsive and I have worked with API like Asaas (payment), Pay4Fun (payment), OpenAI…

I also work with main workflows in the backend to avoid break any step if something unexpected happened.

I’m available now.

Here’s my portfolio:

Hey !

I’m looking for new adventures. Please, check my linkedin and send me a DM.