Experienced Web Developer Offering Affordable Bubble.io Development Services to Enhance Skills

Greetings Bubblers!

I am thrilled to offer my skills as an experienced web developer with four years of experience in the field. My expertise includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming, with a degree in Computer Science, along with UX/UI design and various Full-Stack tools. While I have worked on a wide range of projects, I am now embarking on a new journey as a Bubble.io developer.

Although I am new to this field, my passion for learning is boundless. So, I am offering my services at an affordable rate to work alongside other experienced developers and gain valuable expertise in Bubble.io development. My primary objective is to enhance my API skills and contribute to creating more innovative websites that make a lasting impact.

If you are interested in seeing what I can do, I would be more than happy to showcase my recent Bubble.io projects. My focus isn’t solely on making money - it’s about expanding my Bubble.io skills. So, let’s collaborate to create impressive websites that leave a lasting impression!

I have a project that might be a good fit…let me know if you’re interested: it is a student progress survey app

Hi - I have a personal project that I’m working on and i continue to get stuck from time-to-time as I am don’t have a developer mindset or experience (I’m a senior product leader :upside_down_face:). If you’re interested in expanding your skills into OpenAI GPT-4, Weaviate vector database, python, and of course bubble.io let me know.

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