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[Experimental Feature]: New Design Canvas

Same here. I have downgraded too.

This is freakin awesome. I’m sure I’ll hit some bugs at some point, but after a preliminary check, I’m incredibly excited about how this works.

Yeah I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out why I couldn’t see my RG and all of the content within it. I assumed I had flipped up the height settings or something.

Glad I read this comment as reverting fixed my issue

I like to see the Bubble team working on the editor’s performance! It does get in the way of development and I often have to restart my whole computer to get the editor to behave again.

However, upon upgrading:

As you can see there are multiple “page” groups in my elements tree, which are activated by a set of tabs at the top of the page. When I make my “page” groups visible, the whole editor breaks and I can’t see anything past this. Note I should be able to scroll for at least double or triple this height.

Will downgrade for now, hope it gets fixed soon :slight_smile:

Hey @jonah.deleseleuc

I am in the middle of a project which is about an app rebuild precisely due to the density of elements on a single page … even worse … the editor!

Through extensive use of reusables I am now breezing through 8 editor tabs in 3 monitors with room for more! :smiley: No lag … just easy browsing …

And do not even get me started on how much more fresh things get logic wise … The aim is to know where things are so that it is easier to maintain afterwards.

Strong advocate for reusables here! :slight_smile: :fire:



Totally agree. I use reusable elements everywhere too. The “pages” on this page are however very small and don’t have many workflows, they are just the dashboard!

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Hey what now? Something new with the component library in this change? Or just the same old one?

I noticed a blank page/reusable element with no element will not load or allow you to see/change the element detail/inspector popup, please debug.

Hey @Rangduju,

I recommend sending in a bug report, so the Bubble Team can patch all of them before releasing it to everyone; that’s what I’ve been doing as I see new bugs pop up


Having a weird issue with images:

  1. Image would not show in editor despite showing it in the element tree. It was set to collapse when hidden. Once turned off, it showed.
  2. Tried creating a group with the image and set that to Align to Parent. For some reason it’s parent element that was a Column layout all got scrunched up too.



Already did, no worry!

Hi, I enabled this feature, but didn’t see any improvement in performance… I don’t know if it’s just me. I created a theme where I was recommended to use this feature.

I also noticed one problem (it’s not in the standard working version) - If the input field is initially hidden when the page loads, there’s no way to show it in the editor either. Even I click on element in Tree. Only in the element tree (hidden) you can find it. Is this a bug or something new?

In standard version I can see hidden input field on editor area

I’ve just encountered this: group elements in… borks the visual placement of items.

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@alcompstudio, yeah certain hideable things do not make themselves visible when visibility is toggled in the Elements Tree. This might be happening for all inputs as the one I observed was that a picture uploader (which is an input) that is set to be hidden on load will never show itself in the design/responsive view (it’s inside a repeating group). At least clicking in the elements tree brings up its property inspector dialog!

Yes, I can find hidden input in the item tree, but it’s not really convenient right now. I also want to see the hidden input as a visual element as well, to estimate its position on the canvas. In a working version of the editor, all hidden elements (including inputs) are displayed by clicking on them in the element tree.
But, there is another case: in the experimental version, other hidden elements are still displayed when you click on them (as before in the working version). And input fields are not displayed. Why does this happen? That’s what I asked - could it be a bug? After all, the other elements work!

YES, it’s a bug in the experimental builder. I was just CONFIRMING that someone else (ME) has also noted the same. We are talking about the experimental builder in this thread and discussing issues.

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know what you were talking about right away! Thanks for the clarification!

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+1 for proper use of “bork” @rico.trevisan! (I’m actually really impressed that there’s so little that’s wildly messed up in this new editor. Such a complex thing!)

Does that group have row gap set by chance? We are deploying a fix for grouping elements not working with row gap

This is a bug that is being fixed!

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