Expert brain needed! Creating pdf letters from pre-formatted text


I am trying to do the following:

  1. Store a series of pre-written letters in the app
  2. Allow users to pick the letter they want to use
  3. Auto fill some of the info to the letter
  4. Allow them to complete the letter and amend
  5. Allow them to save the letter to their account
  6. Allow them to download the letter as a pdf

I have all the letters ready and written.

This is the page they will pick from:

They will then navigate to this page in order to be able to make the amends and save

And finally it will be saved here:

The issues is - the developer I paid a lot of money to make this app was awful (not from bubble directly, don’t worry!) and it appears she has literally pasted the one example letter I gave her into the initial content.

This means it is not set to allow me to do multiple templates of letters and I cannot work out how to.

She has set template as a data type - I am a bit concerned that what I am trying to do isn’t possible but I have been lead to believe it is!

If there is no in app solution, does anyone know of a plugin I could use for the same thing?

I am :pinching_hand: this close to finishing! This and the resources page are the last two and both have this same issue :grimacing: any help would be amazing :pray:

Thank you!

Hi @katie ! :wave:

So, some points that we need to clarify…

  1. The best approach to this is have these templates stored as Option Sets or saved in your database. There is no big difference between these options.

  2. As I could saw, the templates must load some dynamic information like current date, user’s name etc. The bad news is that you can’t program this behavior inside an Option Sets or inside a text field stored in your database. I assume that is why she inserted the template directly in the Initial Content of your field, because doing this, she could organize the template and load the correspondent data where she wanted.

It is very possible… :sweat_smile:

We have some options to solve this problem, most of them will take time to rework the logic of your project/workflows (and they are not so simple)…

But for now, there is a simple solution that will allow you to move on with your project: Create some conditions in the conditional tab of this text field, where it’s “Initial content” will change depending of the selected template. Make sense?

In the meantime, we can discuss the best solutions to let you scale you project with hundreds of templates more professionally.

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That makes sense - as it is going from one page to another I assume I send the data of the chosen template to the viewing page and it will then trigger the condition?

Thank you so much! I have been on a steep learning curve but that one stumped me

Happy to discuss options of assistance. I have a small budget and a tight deadline as I am already way over time due to her messing me around!

I don’t know how she organized your workflows and codes. But I am pretty sure that this “simple solution” is doable without any huge change in your project. You just need to know the selected template to use it as a condition to change the Initial Content of your text field.

If you want, you can PM me the credentials of your editor and I will be happy to help you. Or, if your are in the professional plan, you can add me as colaborator.

Let’s try to solve this for free! That is the purpose of the forum here. :wink:

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Thanks, I’ve dropped you a message but I will need to pick this up tomorrow now. Way past my bedtime!

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