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Exposing my Data as a Rest API

Hi There. I have a list of dates and the ID for each date in my Bubble app. I would like to expose this as an endpoint where the app will accept the ID as a parameter and return the date. How do I do this in Bubble? Thank you for your help.

Hi @cameron.price,

I think what you’re looking for is under Settings > API

Check “This app exposes a GET/Data API” and/or “This app exposes a POST/Workflow API” depending on your specific needs. If checking GET, you can specify which data types to expose.

The reference details what your endpoint structure is:

Hi, Hope this video helps…!!!

I have used POSTman with token as an authentication and made endpoints secure.


Hi, many thanks @panks.35 Pankaj, your video helped a guy like me how API works in details, plus Postman to play with them, that’s awesome!
But there is one part I don’t get, Bubble provides an error because you left an empty field, how to set it?

The “when” field can’t remain empty. I tried to set it in different ways, but there is always a drawback.
I still want anyone to be able to look for items in my database using my bubble app, I just want to restrict the access to the API.
How to do that? Because if I restrict it, it’s restricted for everyone, even visitors on my website :frowning:
Thanks if you take the time!