Extendible vertical scrolling repeating group cannot be nested?

Having a hard time understanding why I can’t do this, appreciate any help!

I’ve got a very simple FAQ dataset I’m pulling from Airtable.
Fields = Category, Question, Answer

The first Repeating Group filters for unique categories:

The second Repeating Group filters for those with the right category.

This page actually renders perfectly in dev. However, it won’t let me publish to Live. Keeps throwing this error:

Seems like I can publish if I were to change either one of these RGs into Vertical Scrolling (not extendible). This, however, defeats the purpose of having RGs that will automatically expand based on the data within them.

Appreciate if someone helps me understand what I’m missing. I saw this thread, but I’m not sure how it applies here (or I don’t understand the answer).


Hey Al,

If you want all of the items to display I think you could just use a Full List instead of extended.

Yeah, the full list works. I used it for the inside one, thanks. But, considering the potential performance hit I just wonder if it’s the right solution.

Really, I’m just curious why two extendable RG’s can’t be nested together. Seems odd to me.

– Extendable vertical scrolling: The element adds cells as the user scrolls down, and it pushes the elements below down. This is like Facebook’s feed and is also efficient for the same reason as above.
– Full list: The element draws as many cells as there are items in the dat asource. This is not the best approach when the list is long, as it loads many items, including some that aren’t visible at first. This is not recommended for long lists.