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Extract attachment from mail?

following use case:

Excel sheets will be sent via email, few hundreds every month.
These excel sheets got multiple worksheet in it and I need the content (all lines of one specific worksheet) to put into a bubble db table.

Is there a plugin - or any other way to get the attachments from the email and to extract the data?

so its possible with sendgrid Setting Up The Inbound Parse Webhook | Twilio (
But I’m struggeling with extracting the data of the xls sheet.

any idea?

the document reader and word count plugin extracts words from pdf and word files as do several OCR plugins but not sure if there are ones that extract text from xls sheets. I am sure it should be possible.

Maybe these guys wise:able Contributor Profile | Bubble can help you

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Okay. But this is step 2. In step 1 in need to save the file l/attachment. This is something where I’m struggling with too.

solved. How to set up Inbound Emailing with Postmark’s Inbound Processing - Showcase - Bubble Forum

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