Extract with Regex using Search for function

Hi all,

I am trying to extract specific words from a sentence that has been created using a multiline input (or text element) by Regex. I am wanting the individual words to be held in the database (hence using the search for function.

So, for example, the words (dog, fish, cat) is held in the database.

I write the sentence (into the multiline input) my children have a fish and a cat but really want a dog.

I would be able to match the words in the multiline input with the words in the database.

Does that make sense? Is extract with Regex the right choice? What am I missing,

Thanks in advance


I couldn’t get this to work with regex right away, but a repeating group worked.


Thank you so much, this looks on the money for me.

Works like a charm.


Hi @rybadger, just thinking about a further extension to this. Do you know of anyway to highlight the words in the Multiline input that match those in the database - so when you type fish it changes colour…