Extracting the first charachter from a database

Hi, I have a data record that I’m saving as a thing, and it is returned from an API and it looks like this:

This title is descriptive and gives the reader an idea of what the offer is and what it does. However, it could be more engaging and creative.

What I need to do is save the ‘4’ as one thing, and the rest as another. The big struggle right now is saving the 4. I’ve tried using the ‘truncated to 1’ method which isnt working for some reason.

After I figure that out I’ll need to find a way to save everything after the integer into another ‘thing’

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, @mark7… if I understand your post correctly, can you try (or have you tried) using the :split by operator to split by a line break and then get the first item from the split?


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Thanks! I was using splits to clean up the initial response from openAI but I just tried adding a second step with splits afterwards and it works well, thanks!

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