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Facebook Messenger live chat


I am working on an app that needs the Facebook Messenger live chat on the website.

I’ve tried adding it to the Page HTML Header, using an HTML Element and even on the SEO / metatags in Settings and nothing works.

Does anyone know where to add it?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

The HTML-element should work. Did you check the console in the developer tools of the browser for errors (F12 in Chrome and Firefox)?

Additionally it is an option to add the Javascript to the page using the Run Javascript step of the Toolbox-plugin. Install the plugin and create a workflow triggered by Page is Loaded:


Then add the Run Javascript step and paste in the javascript without the tags.


Update: Just realized I added the plugin to Wix-website and not Bubble. Nevertheless, the Developer Tools Console (F12) should provide you with information why the plugin does not work.

Thanks, @gerbertdelangen,

I’ve now tried the Run javascript when page is loaded but it doesn’t work.

I would really appreciate it if someone here in the forum found the answer :grinning: :computer:

Did you check wether there are errors in the console of the Developer Tools (F12 - tab Console)? There might be information which can help you solve the issue.

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