Facebook-style One Tap Login? // Signin Kick-off Frustrations

Is there a way to implement a one-tap login for users on a mobile app coded in Bubble?

This would function pretty much the same way as Facebook’s mobile web app. The user signs in, and when they sign out, upon returning, they can tap a square with their user identity pre-loaded, in order to reduce sign-in friction.

My Bubble app has a traditional user/pass login. Sometimes it will kick you off when you’re signed in, then tab-out to a different app, forcing you to re-login. Still haven’t figured out the methodology. Given our intent to streamline UX and reduce friction, this presents a frustration that I hope is fixable. This is the larger, more pressing problem that I hope someone in the community knows better than me how to fix.

Perhaps the solution to this second problem is fixable to a degree with the FB-style login as describe above, but the two need not be intertwined.


Thanks in advance!

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