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Facebook tab not showing

Hi guys, I followed the tutorial and successfully created a simple Facebook login page. I tried to add the page as a Facebook tab but got an error message like " Oh no!
We’re having some temporary technical difficulties right now. We’re working on the problem as fast as we can!"

My Web is working fine as a site but not as a Facebook tab.

Thanks in advance!!!

Appears to be working for me. I didn’t have any issues at all, I clicked the button, authenticated, and saw my name and photo pop in the page.

I just noticed the specifics of your post. I don’t know what “Facebook tab” is supposed to mean, so I’m not sure what to look for here. Can you provide any more specific details?

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Do you mean as a Facebook Page Tab ?

I have set them up before, but must admit to not having tried with Bubble (which is odd, as I generally like to break as many things as possible!).

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Hi potentialthings, thanks for your help. I mean the Tab under Facebook App. Got the following error message when trying to embed the site onto the tab :frowning:

Hi NigelG, yes, that’s what I was trying to do.

But got this error:

Nope, you are right. It doesn’t work !

Maybe because it is the bubble url. I will try with a secure url.

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We have never thought of Bubble as a way to build a facebook tab. Not sure why it’s not working. please email us at [email protected] and we’ll see, but no promise as it’s quite out of the scope right now.

Was there a solution to this?

No, this isn’t a bug, it’s something bubble doesn’t support yet.

How much would it cost to sponsor this feature, and would you expect it would take a long time to develop?

We won’t be able to do this in the short term as we’re deep in the plugin system and this is not going in the same direction. We can talk about that in a few months (building facebook apps), but unfortunately not right now.