Favicon on Live

My live is on read only and will not let me change the favicon. Any idea how to change it?

That means that you don’t have full access to your app I think. Probably need to ask your developer to give you access. :slight_smile: At least that sounds like what it is. Hope that helps. :+1:

You are on a paid plan right?

The admin is checked on my collaboration row and I have full access everywhere else?

Yep I moved to the personal plan starting out, but am thinking about moving to the professional. Do you think it would be worth it?

Hi @aloecf!

The code (settings included) are always read only on the Live site. The data can be modified on Live, but all other changes must be done first on the Development side, then pushed to Live.


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Ken Truesdale


Ah I see. So I uploaded the favicon to the development page. How do I push to live?

Upper right corner to push it to live.

I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to professional until you have customers coming in. You can always do a free boost to see if it helps within performance at all then make a decision if you want to upgrade. :+1:

Awesome thank you!

I saw that boost area. Will definitely utilize it if I feel that customers are reporting a slow working app.

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