FB Plugin Login Data

Hi, i have one question. I added FB login plugin (developed by bubble team) so i created developer facebook account and added the API keys.

I created a button that when press:

I created many fields in my db:

So when an user press the button (it works aswell but only gets the email)
In my db i only see the email:

How i can add the other data in the other cells?


I have the same problem. I’m trying to get the user’s Facebook Ad Accounts, campaign data, etc. but every field is empty except for the email. Did you find a solution to this?

Hi duraid, i did some advances but still working on it.
I installed plugin: Api connector then added new api call. Following this guide: https://manual.bubble.is/building-plugins/adding-api-connections.html

I configured like this (its easier to see in this image than the guide):


Scope: the permissions and the data you want to get back from user facebook’s account (for look the tags of each name look here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/permissions/# )

PD: Some of the requested scope’s tags must been approved from facebook before you use.
Now im working on how that’s data get saved on the database cells.

If im able to do it, i’ll publish how do it.
Regards :wink:

Lookup OAUTH and Facebook in the Forums.

You will need to do different calls to get that data. But is doable.

I saw lot of forum threads. Which one’s you recommend me to take a look?

This data is waiting for you… assuming you have the bubble facebook plugin installed it’s at the current user’s Facebook “thing”:

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