FEATURE REQUEST: Ability To Dissect Security Settings By Using The App Search Tool

Would love to be able to search for security settings that conflict with a security policy as opposed to figuring it out when an error occurs or by other means or if the issue checker would identify issues when you’re searching for other things, but you create a policy that disables the ability to search for those other things (for example) etc. so that it’s helpful to configure security settings without risk of errors or breaking the app.

Would also be good to search for workflows that modify things by API or delete things by API etc and also ensure there is no conflict there either.

Same with locate elements that are auto-bound to something.

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Is there a way yet to see a list of things that are effected once a security setting is changed in a way that the issue checker checks the app?

Is there even a display somewhere in the app debugger that shows when a privacy setting is preventing access to something?

This would be amazing, and I think it’s something Bubble has really overlooked. Privacy settings are super powerful, but currently there’s no way to see if something isn’t displaying because of privacy settings using the Debug Tool, which can make troubleshooting take WAY longer than it should be.

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