Feature Request: Add Thai Baht Currency Symbol

Would be great now that we have Thai Language to also have the Thai Baht currency symbol in the currency formatting options


This request was 5 years ago…
Can somebody give clarity when it will be updated or is there a way to add it manually?

You can type the desired text inside this dropdown, why don’t you type the Bath symbol?

For me personally I use the feature of formatted as currency when using number data types to display values that are saved in the database as a number for which it represents a price. I also do not have the thai baht symbol on my keyboard despite my keyboard being purchased in Thailand and having the Thai script available to the keyboard.

I don’t have one either, but I googled it and it looks like this “฿”.

So, you just have to write it in the dropdown:


Wouldn’t that solve the problem?


Look at that…you learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing @rpetribu I never knew we could paste into the currency prefix, always thought we were relegated to the choices provided.


Glad it helped! :pray:

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