[Feature Request] Please add a way to hide a property in plugin editor

Hi Bubble,
It will be super useful if plugin developers can hide/disable an element property field in the plugin editor.
Currently you have to delete a property if you want to put it on hold.
A typical use case. You’re adding some new features to a plugin including new property fields. Then you get some bug report which you have a fix. If the new property fields you’re working on are not ready yet you can’t push the bug fix update. Unless you decide to delete all the new unfinished property fields, push the update and re-add them.
As you may know adding property fields can be very tedious especially if you have to re-arrange them.

So i’m suggesting maybe adding a simple checkbox to disable (hide) a property from the bubble editor. This way you can always hide things push updates and keep working.

I currently have some bug fixes for some plugins but I can’t push them because i’ve added several unfinished properties and don’t want to delete and redo the whole thing again.

cc @neerja, @emmanuel



@DavidS: this is yet another reason everyone needs the feature I need that is the subject of my open bug reports. @seanhoots should be developing his (like mine, very complex) element(s) in one private plugin environment and then, when he desires to publish an update to a stable version he should be able to copy that element and paste it into his commercial plugin – REPLACING the existing element – and push from there.

(@seanhoots: note that it may not be safe at present to do what I am suggesting – it would otherwise be a best practice in Bubble plugin development.)

A few months ago I sent some feedback to the team about the plugin builder, one of my points was allowing us to hide and show properties fields based on some condition we want, just like they do when we click “make changes to a thing’s X” and only then the buttons and fields appear, in short, better control of the workflow UI.

After some time and a meeting of them, I got a response that, in short, said they added that to their list, but couldn’t commit to an ETA.
I think that this feature would help you in this case, by just selecting a condition that will never be met, so the field would never show up in the UI.

We keep track of these requests. Our engineering team will likely release these features in batches for plugin editor.

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Is this feature ever going to get released? It’s been over 4 years since the feature has been requested.