Feature Request: remaining features to create a proper API to our app

The Data API was an enormous win and we’ve made heavy use of it as an internal team posting data to our own app.

Next, I’d like to enable our app users to post data into our app. We’d need two features before we can realistically support it.

  1. Field validation and be able to return an error to the user if the value POSTed is invalid.
  2. Return the row unique ID instead of just a 200 message. In this way, they’ll be able to modify entries.

If this is possible with a plugin or server side app, please let me know.

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Actually, you can do this using Backend WF. I think it’s not ideal so I approve the feature request too. But there’s a workaround you can use. I don’t use Data API often for this reason (mainly return a different answer than just 200, success).

I did spike on it using the API workflows, but didn’t find a solution. Can you elaborate?

Would love an interim even hacky fully bubble solution because my alternative worse:

  • user posts data -> external system endpoint #1 (which does field validation/error handling)
  • external system posts validated data -> bubble workflow or Data API
  • external system waits a second then GETs the ID from bubble -> returns to the user who posted the data.

Eww right. Would love an alternative.