Feature Request / Suggestion - Input tab order manual override

It’d be nice if there were an override to the current tab order on a page which would make it easy for Bubblers to set the order in which elements are tabbed through on the page.

For complex forms, it’s hard enough to set-up responsive to work well on different size devices so having to use groups and added trickery to get the tab order to work in conjunction becomes quite a lot of tedious work. And, since input fields are such a large part of web apps, it’d be nice if there were a simple way for Bubblers to get it all working that didn’t require hours and hours of experimentation.

Plus, this has the added benefit of making forms much easier to maintain since small changes wouldn’t break the tab order, and larger changes wouldn’t require added time re-experimenting to get it all working.


This is a great idea.

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