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Fetch data from website (scraping?)

I have a form where users can input data.
Id rather limit the free text imputs.

Is there a way a user can paste a URL and i do 2 things.

  1. Check that it’s from a specific Domain.
  2. Get data from that page (its not on bubble).

Sample URL:

I need to grab the Created by, Description, and main Image.

The “Get URL Meta Data” plug in looks like it would work, but i can’t figure out how to configure it.

The Get URL Meta Data plug in is a dead plug in.

But Zeroqode has " Get Web Page’s Meta" which works pretty good.
Though I expected a little more. This plugin just grabs the meta data. You can dump it into a form field, but then what? There is no way to parse through it to get what I need.

So im still stuck.

Response from zeroqode:

I’m going to consider this closed.

Hi @gautch did you ever figure out how to scrape data out of a site into bubble? Wondering if you came across any plugins or resources?


Hi @jasonturo did you find a way to do it?

Hi Marta, No, sorry I did not make any headway on that. I would be interested to brainstorm some ideas on it sometime or to know if you make any progress.