Fetch data in real time

Hey everyone,

I’m Rayan and been learning and building on Bubble since October. i’m now getting to the end of my first application and been a great journey so far

Building a real time chat and would love to find a way to access data streamed from API in real time. For now, every time the users clicks on send button I create an entry to the database for the user chat, use the API call, create another entry from the response of the API and display the message in a RG. Any idea how to fetch data in real time so I can get chunks of the response at a time and display it accordingly?

This sure sounds a lot like “auto binding”.

You can display each letter as it is typed to the other user. I think this is what you’re looking for. (No API involved - pure bubble)

Thanks for the response !
Couldn’t do auto-binding on the text element as it’s only available on inputs. Using inputs for the chats would bring challenges down the line such as conversion from markdown format to display BB Code + fetch chunks of data at the time they’re being sent from the API. Decided to go for creating custom code interface for the chat. Will send the platform here when it’s done for anyone that wanna see !
Thanks again