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I’m new to Bubble, whilst it is a fantastic tool to work with, I have an issue.
I’m trying to update records in a table, however, the input field does not expand enough that I can easily identify which record is aligned to which input value. Please see attached a screenshot, for example I want user to update address line field, but the options are not clear based on the truncation in view which filed is the address line 1, that I need to add.

Is there any way to increase the field view to clearly see which field is being selected?



Hi Kean,

I don’t think there’s a way to do that, well not that I know of anyway. You’re best bet is going to be renaming your Input elements so they read something like “Input CPV Line 1…” and “Input CPV Line 2” and then you’ll just see more of it through that part of the workflow action.

Rename here:

Thanks pork1977gm

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