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Field on a elements style 'ID Attribute' (in Styles tab)

Please can you add the same ‘ID Attribute’ field for static and dynamic values, in the ‘Styles’ tab for elements. It would be so much easier if they can be defined at the top level just once, rather than on multiple elements. I know we have the ‘App search’ tool and this can also be used to bulk update elements ‘ID Attribute’ luckily (did an update of over 150 elements and went fine).

I’m happy for it to override, if set on the ‘Style’ defined level to replace the element’s ID or even better yet, defining a CSS class on an element style would be great too, then keeping the element ID as its own entity.

Quick use case:
A user has their own Organization data type, they can set a custom HEX color value for specific elements across the site. Rather than individually a the dynamic values on all elements and then conditions e.g. button hover, clicked…its far easier to use a bit of custom CSS on page (or reusable) that has the CSS code and then dynamically pulls in the color variables, also renders better too (slight lag with conditions due to being on page load end vs in the tag).


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