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Now I know how to put and show an image in two different pages, but I want to do the same with File.

For example, in my first page I have my file uploader, and in my second page, I don’t know how element I must have to show my file.

Can you show me an example with a file.pdf please.

I will be very grateful

Depending on the type of file, you may end up using different elements. If it’s a PDF, I’d use an “Image” element and set the dynamic source to be current page (or current group’s) file. I use this method on one of my older apps, and it works fine for PDFs.

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Thank you andrew, but have you got an example to show me because i don’t make it through to do that.

And is it possible to click on your “image pdf” and show the file?

It’s really going to depend on how your data is structured.

Here’s a sample page I set up:

Here’s the editor:

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Thank you, It’s really usefull !

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