Filter a repeating group - stumped

I am stumped on this one! I am trying to filter a repeating group, but the filtered results are not in my database, they are calculated on page. Let me explain:

Users create Events which have an expiry date. I work out ‘Expired’ Events, for example, like this:


So, how would I enable my dropdown filter to show all ‘Expired’ Events? Here’s my page showing 1 active and 1 expired event.

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Could you show the configuration of the dropdown element?

As you can see, it’s empty. This is because I had to delete my failed attempts. I have read and watched many videos but I can’t figure this out. I think I need someone to walk me through step by step as something is not clicking for me.

The repeating group shows events created by the current User

The Bubble manual says I should create a custom state. I created “date_expired” thinking I could use that somehow … but I actually have no idea what I am doing.

Hi there, @darren.james7518… if I understand your post correctly, you should be able to scrap the custom state, leave the repeating group’s data source as you are showing it, and add two conditionals to the repeating group that look like this…

In the screenshot, I am showing the constraints on the search for expired events. I’m sure it goes without saying that the constraints on the search for active events are the same with the less than operator flipped to greater than.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike, I am unable to set the conditional as you have because I don’t have an option for “Active events”? Maybe see how my set up is in case I am missing something big!

You don’t have an option for “Active events” because it is a static option that you just need to type as opposed to selecting it from the dropdown. So, literally type “Active events” in the search and then click away from the field and it will stay there.

I don’t want users to have to type anything. I want them to select from the dropdown menu and immediately see the results. This issue may in fact be impossible because I just paid someone on Fiverr and after 30 mins he said it’s not possible.

Side note: Fiverr refunded me but to my Fiverr account, so I can’t get the money back (won’t use Fiverr again).

It is possible, and you misunderstood what I wrote. I never said anything about your users typing anything. I was telling you what you need to type in the editor.

I did have option for “Active events” - see below

No, in the conditional for the repeating group. Literally type “Active events” right here…

If you set your editor to editable, I can try to get it to work for you.

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Ah, sorry I misunderstood you! I have done that but the next step is the Data source but that is not showing either … yes, I’d love your input so I will set the editor to editable - thanks!

Someone else is in your app, and either you or they did something that messed things up pretty badly. I have no idea what’s going on in there, but before it got messed up, I think I figured out what’s going on. Look at the screenshot I provided in my initial response, and set up your repeating group conditionals just like that… however, instead of created date, use the Date field you have for your events.

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Someone has deleted all my work … I spend 3 weeks designing the site, I can’t believe it. What can I do?

This sounds like the solution.

I would think the search constraint would be

If date of event is greater than current date/time

This sucks. Happened to me once.

Try clicking the “revert changes” button?

revert not working … can Bubble customer support get my site back?

Whoever did this has messed me up, I was already not doing well mentally and this is dreadful … I put so much into this site. Who would do this?

I have never seen anything like this in 3+ years of using Bubble… so sorry, Darren.

First, immediately set your editor back to private. Then, go to the history area and try to revert back to about half an hour or so ago…


I have no saved points as I’m on the free plan still