Filter based on proximity to user

I’m building a food sharing app between consumer and restaurants in their area. I have a repeating group on the consumers’ homepage where they can browse the foods available and the back end for restaurants to upload the food. Data types - User, Restaurant in area (Google Place only), Foods (Description (text), Photo (image), Location (Restaurant in Area), Expiry date (date), Price (number). This data is available in the repeating group
I’m having a hard time figuring out how to filter consumers’ search results by “Location”. Is it possible to filter the search results with Google Places as a constraint? thank you in advance!

Hello! You won’t be able to sort Google Places, but you could save these to your application and then sort their addresses based on the user’s current geographic location. It might also help to display these in a map so that the user can view all the restaurants at once and gauge the distance that way.

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