Filter one repeating group by activating a state of a group in another repeatable group


I want to be able to filter one repeating group by having the user clicking an item in another repeating group and thereby activating that item’s state.

The repeating group I want to filter is a list of destinations, where each destination can have multiple themes (linked, theme is its own database).

The repeating group I want to filter by is a list of themes. When I click a theme, I activate it’s state which has allowed me to recolor it. I now also want to input the name of that theme into the filter of the other repeating group, but I can’t seem to do so. I’ve tried:

  1. Either use the workflow editor to input a theme in a repeating group’s data source filter (e.g. when I click a theme),
  2. Use the repeating group’s datasource constraints to filter by the items in the other repeating group that are in an active state.

See below for a screenshot of how the UI looks>

I found one approach that should work, but that I can’t get to work, which uses the same approach as in this template: Travel Marketplace like Airbnb Template | Bubble

I managed to be able to click the Theme and send it to the URL of the page:

I then look at the page URL to constrain the list of destinations:


But for some reason, this then produces zero results and no destinations are found? For reference, this should be found in the linked field “theme” in the database for destinations:

I simply cannot wrap my head around why this doesn’t work. Any clues?

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