Filter Repeating Group using checkbox


I have a repeating group that contains a list of invoices.

I would like to filter a yes / no column with a checkbox, (if checkbox is ticked show invoices only where that field is yes, when checkbox is unticked, show all)
And similarly I would like to filter a column of text fields using a checkbox (if checkbox is ticked, show invoices only where that field is not empty)

I can’t seem to find a way of doing either of these. Can anyone help?


You can use custom states for that. When the checkbox is change the workflow can change that custom state. Depending on the state you can then filter your results.


I’m trying to replicate your answer on a simpler repeating group. What am I doing wrong? I have a button which successfully sets a text state to “no”.
I thought I would be able to use a constraint where reconciled = custom state’s value. Are you able to advise further on how this works?


I would filter with a conditional statement. If conditional unrec=no then Do a search for with the filtering you want.