Filtering a list of things

Can someone please help me understand what I am doing wrong? I have been banging my head against this for an hour.
I have a table in my DB which is a list of things:

When I do this:

The resultant list is all four entries (I would have thought that only “Apple Pie” shows up):

When I do this:

The resultant list is the same as above.

I also tried filtering based on the name field which returns a blank list.

I tried advanced filtering:

Which also returns a blank list.

And when I try doing the same but based on the id field:

It returns the entire list again.

I have also played around with trying to insert “:converted to list” in a bunch of different places but it doesn’t seem to work.

If the suggestion is to do this:

This isn’t an option for me because I need to return the name field by filtering based on the id field and the above filters the name filed based on the name field.

This seems like it should be so simple. Any help would be much appreciated.

You are going about it in the wrong way. Apple pie, Banana cake, etc. should each be their own entry in your database, each with their corresponding ID.

As you have it now, you have 1 entry and the “name” of that entry is

So yes, if you ask for the “name” you’ll get the above list back.

Thanks for your response but there’s a reason I can’t do what you’re saying. My list of things is populated from an api call and I tried for days to get each elemnt of the api json reponse to save into it’s own record in the DB but bubble doesn’t seem to allow that. So I am stuck with a list of things that I now need to filter.

I would go back and fix the original issue, the API call.

What you have now is not a list of things – it is one thing (ie one entry) with two fields containing a bunch of stuff separated by commas.

I’m not the person to consult on APIs, but pulling in data from APIs is a common thing people do, so there must be a way.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way. I was in contact with the bubble team and they said this is the way I need to store my API response given that my API response has 50 records in it and the rate limiting of the DB writing function that bubble offers will max out well before the 50 records get written.

Again, I’m not the person to go to on API, but logically that doesn’t sound right. Maybe something got lost in translation.

I recall seeing on the forum people talking about uploading huge amounts of data into the Bubble database via APIs to get around CSV upload slowness.

Also posts like this talk about it How to skip the UI and save API results to the database

Really appreciate the help here.

I have looked at that before but that is through the feature of scheduled workflows. Even on the most high level plans, you only get 1 daily workflow. I have an API call for every single user. As I get more and more users, that could be 1,000’s per day

Paul, I am not an expert on APIs either but I don’t see a way to accomplish what you want, given the way you are storing the data. It is not a bubble limitation but rather the way the API is being parsed. You might need to explore a different format to the API result as it lands in Bubble.

Sorry to not offer good news

Ok thanks for the input. I will look at going back to square one.