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Filtering a Simple List of Numbers

I have a list of numbers, and I’d like to filter it down to a sublist based on values that are <= X.

Right now, we’re able to use :filtered on lists of custom Things and filter on their fields, but we’re unable to do it on a list of simple things that can also serve as fields (numbers, text, etc.).

Is there a special reason for why this isn’t possible? Any ideas for workarounds out there? (that don’t involve creating new Things to hold the number values, which will be very workflow-intensive for the lists I’m dealing with)

Right now, to get what I need, I am manually creating a list of numbers 1 through X (adding the values one by one with :plus item …since there is no way to do this otherwise it appears), and doing original list of numbers_:intersect with_ list of numbers [1:X]. This method doesn’t work in the reverse (if I wanted a sublist of values greater than Y, for example), because there’s no converse to :intersect with (ie, “doesn’t intersect with”). Also, it’s just a lot of work if my X is large!

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We don’t have a way there, but we could add this. I’ll put that on the list.


great! looking forward to seeing it available