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Filtering Repeating Group by Location/Distance

Hi All!

I’m looking for some help with an issue regarding with filtering the contents of a repeating group. I’m displaying users as the search results, and each displayed user has field for “location” and “max distance willing to travel”. There’s also a location search box on the page to collect where the current user wants to find users. My goal here is for the user profile to only be displayed in the search results if the distance between the search box input on the page and the displayed user’s location is less than the max distance he/she is willing to travel.

Here’s the approach I’m currently trying that isn’t working:

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 10.25.29 AM

Intuitively, I want to replace “Parent group’s Listing’s user’s max travel distance” with another user field (e.g., land price, water price, location are all user fields), but Bubble doesn’t give me that as an option.

I’d highly appreciate any suggestions here!