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Filtering Results on a PDF Document

Is this something that’s possible with Bubble:

  • The User will type a keyword on the search box (or filter using a button) and then the search result will show highlighted words on a pdf file that matches the word of the typed keyword. The PDF file is just embedded across the search box on the page?

Are there tutorial videos on how to do it? I’ll appreciate your answers. Thank you in advance.

The adobe pdf viewer (and a few others) has a search option embedded, so no need to make a field for this in Bubble.

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Thanks, Jett. I saw the functionality of pdf viewer too. Though, I need is a button that filters the content of a PFD file.

Hmmm, tough one. You would need a way to parse the pdf (that one is doable), but then also have access to the pdf viewer to highlight the search (less likely). You’re probably better off writing your own pdf viewer plugin in that case.

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Thank you, Jett. I appreciate your input. :blush:
That’s also what I think about this.

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