FilterJSON data

Hello, I need to filter some JSON data that I returned from an API but the data that I’m trying to filter is inside of an array it looks like this
"labels": [ { "id": 5580553, "name": "Checked In", "color": "green" } ]
and I want to filter it based on "name": "Checked In" using the contains method. All of this is inside of any repeating group and I want to only show data that contains the label "Checked In". Would love any suggestion :grinning:

After you have set-up the call in RG, in Data source, add filtered by.
This allows you to filter things on frontend (client side).

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@tanejachirag19 thanks for that information but when I go to choose the if the labels contains Checked in I’m not able to type anything or provide a custom string.

Hi @lukejamison0,

I had the same problem, it seems that bubble only identify JSON parameter on the 1st degree. Objects in array are not supported (until now).

You can use Integromat to flatten your JSON message like this :

1 - Create a new scenario in integromat
2 - Add a custom webhook where you send first the data you want to flatten
3 - Add a http request, you will find parameters that you can choose/organize and send to an other endpoint

In my case, I received a Slack POST request on Integromat, organized the JSON and sended it to my bubble endpoint in the form I wanted. It worked.

Hope that will help you :wink:

did you ever find a real solution for this?

I actually just solved this with bubble. Reach out if you still need help.

Hi there,
could you please share your solution for this problem?
Since I couldn’t find another solution, I would be very grateful!

what’s the problem you’re having?

Thank you for your fast reply, i got it figured out - the problem was a Repeating Group Element in the Background which messed up my data type.