Finalize a payment flow

I am looking for a freelance that can help to finalize a page I am creating right now. For an expert it should be very easy. But as a newby I am a bit struggling.

General description : Create a checkout flow that includes API calls and notify a webhook on success.


  1. Create dynamic cart page templates that is able to collect 1 SKU variable from URL.
    Variable drives different img/price/description metada in cart page and sku to specify in API call. (50% done, static page design is created)
  2. Delivery/Billing address form to be saved in DataBase. State management based on user Country choice (90% done)
  3. External API answer to collect and to save shipping prices based on user metadata (60%, API integrated but issue passing collected user variables in API call).
  4. Shipping prices to be dislpayed within Radio button for user to choose (50% done, but issue in parsing and extracting nested JSON response).
  5. To sum selected shipping price + defined product price in cart
  6. Cart to securely connect with payment system (Paypal or Stripe).
  7. On payment confirmation connect to an external API to proceed order. Cancel payment on paypal or stripe if order is refused from ext. API.
  8. Save/link payment and order ID to user in Database
  9. Notify an external service through a webhook if payment and order are OK/NOK.

Looking at doing this more as a project than a hours based service.
Looking forward to reading from you :wink:


Hi @printmyshots,

I can help, please write me at



This is something that I could help you out on…
You can reach me on

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