Finally its possible.. ChatGPT Data With Multiple Fields in Repeating Groups Autoaved to Database - New Plugin from GPTdis

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Are you struggling to integrate AI-generated data into your Bubble repeating groups? Our powerful new plugin is here to solve that problem. The “ChatGPT Data Integration” plugin allows you to effortlessly generate and populate multiple fields of data in your Bubble app, without any manual parsing or formatting.

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This plugin is capable of generating structured JSON objects with multiple fields, seamlessly integrating them into your repeating groups and saving them directly into your Bubble database. It’s perfect for a wide range of use cases, from e-commerce to content management, making your workflow more efficient and dynamic.

See Demo Video here:

How it works:

  1. Lets say you have a data type Product with fields “name,descriptions,price,ribbon,emoji”
  2. Include these fields in this plugin and it will generate these data and upload it into your database directly, yours to use forever
  3. Now you can use Repeating Groups with the type Product with these fields

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Demo Video

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Thank you!

Hey! I saw your plugin “ChatGPT Data Integration” for Bubble and it looks pretty good. So like how does it work?

It allows you to generate multi-field data points that goes into your repeating groups and data base directly