Finding the sum of DB rows in a date range


I am building a dashboard for a client, they have orders and i want to create the sum of sales “this month”.

So i want it to sum the rows in say november and give me x value, excluding entries that were created before that, for example in october.

I have been playing arund with date ranges, however i cant really figure out a clever way to define a range and then do a search in the DB based on that range.

How does one do that?


Hi asger.hansen,

I think what you are looking for is “grouped by”. See below screenshot

To do this once you select grouped by add a new group and a new aggregation.
As starting date you can also just have current date/time -1 month.
You may want to do Search for Orders’prices’grouped by instead of just Search for Orders, depending on your database setup.
Hope this helps. regards,

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