FInish a marketplace project (need to sign an NDA agreement)

I have a marketplace project that needs to be finished. I am stuck on a few things that it’s taking time for me to learn and fix. I’d say I am about 90% done the project. I am looking for someone that can finish off the project and work with me that does not require long hours. Ideally people that can accept work under 50 hours. I understand that you would have to see and find out what I have. If interested please email me and I will share you all the information. Thank you for your time


Time Estimate:
Less than 50 hours

$500 - $800

NDA agreement required


I can assist you. Please write me an email at or Skype me: cis.victor1



Not sure if you are still in need of help but I’d love to learn more about what specifically you’re looking to achieve to see if I can be of assistance. I’m currently building multiple platforms on Bubble and have ironed out some of the quirks with the system so could more than likely be a great help. Let me know if you’re interested in a phone call & feel free to send over an NDA for me to sign prior.



Have sent you an email regarding your requirement. Looking forward to hearing from you.