First Project - Wishlist

Hey everyone!

I just learned about Bubble, and it’s really amazing! The onboarding experience has been fantastically interactive, and although I’ve only done the first three lessons, I was able to create the framework for a simple wishlist in just a few minutes!

I thought I would share it in case anybody is wondering what you can do with ~7 minutes after the first three lessons, and maybe others could build from it in the future. I hope to improve it as I learn more!

How it works [so far]:

  • Users must sign up for an account and verify it via email to submit a wish or vote
  • Users can only vote for a wish once
  • Users can submit infinite wishes [not good]
  • Users can create infinite accounts for infinite wishes [not good]
  • Design and user experience is from 1990 [not good]

One thing I could really use help with is understanding how to create padding within a group or change margin settings to center the content. I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look!

Huge thanks to the community members who have posted helpful threads, created amazing youtube videos, and, of course, the entire team that creates and supports Bubble!

@AndrewN - welcome to Bubble and congrats on making a solid start.

Setting up padding in Bubble is a bit different than other programming languages. As you might expect, there are a couple of approaches you can take. Here’s one you can experiment with to start.

A simple way to add padding is to nest the intended group inside of another group and to “center horizontally” the intended group (Ie. you have a parent group that is 400px wide and a group within the parent that is 340px wide. By centering horizontally, it will effectively have a padding of 30px on both sides. Then repeat and apply consistently across the other relevant groups, accounting for the different overall pixel dimensons.

The parent group could be transparent or have a color. Up to you from a stylization standpoint.

Depending on what you’re looking to do, you may want to experiment with some of the Responsive editor settings to ensure it stays consistent as the page size is changed.

- Dan (creator of LearnBubble) (edit: now LearnTo)

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That’s awesome!

Thanks Dan! I’ve used Webflow quite a bit in the past, so I’m definitely used to adjusting margins/paddings a little differently. I’m interested in checking out LearnBubble!

I wanted to let you know that the pricing is still $20/month, although it seems the date for early-adopter pricing has expired according to the text. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for subscribing, I’m excited to hear it.

As well, thanks for letting me know about the text discrepancy. For the pricing, I opted to extend it a little while longer. I’d updated the first reference, but not the reference at the bottom of the page. Change is now reflected.

Webflow is a great platform - especially for building static sites. But I always end up coming back to Bubble for the simplicity of building workflow logic and database setup. The tradeoffs are well worth it.

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I can see that Bubble is definitely an amazing UX for quickly creating MVPs with databases and workflow logic. The tradeoff seems to be front-end vs. back-end customization. Although you can always export with Webflow. I’ll try to contribute to the forums here as I get more familiar with Bubble, and hopefully help others as they get started. :slight_smile:

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