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(fixed) API connector redirect broken?

Appears code broke overnight on Bubble’s API plugin connector, as EVERY API call now fails saying the redirect URI back to app is invalid.

The most helpful info was when testing the API connector using , where instead of just saying the redirect URI was busted it gave the actual URI being sent by Bubble:


as compared to what the plugin says we should use for generic redirect:

  1. https://[our-app-slug]

leaving (2) as before causes the redirect URI error by the API provider whereas using (1) makes the error go away HOWEVER it never resolves and once OAuth completes pages just spin until timeout reached.

I think this has to do with the major bugs they just had. It seems to be fixed for my use case so give it another try (within the last couple minutes)

unfortunately, still having the same error – times out using the redirect being sent (1) and errs out using the redirect shown on the plugin page (2)

Might be different from the bug others encountered then, probably best to submit a bug report

done & appears to be fixed now – thanks for nudge / reaching out

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