Fixed price for Bubble app

A few weeks ago I noticed someone posted on this forum who started a company that charged fixed prices for building a Bubble app. Now I can’t remember who it was or what their company name is.

If that’s your company please let me know! I need an app built and liked your business model. Thanks!

There are quite a few bubble dev shops that do fixed price freelance.

I’m not sure on your budget, but I have heard and seen great things by Airdev. I would check them out.
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Apps can hugely vary in functionality and an exact price of building the app can be arrived at only after understanding the scope. I lead a team of bubblers and am happy to understand your requirement and suggest a suitable price. Please share details at or @anilamesur on skype.



I can also assist you with Bubble App Development at very affordable fixed quote.
Sent you PM with further details.

Hello Sir,

I am really very glad to assist you.
Please add me on my skype that is ""
My price is very reasonable.


Thanks Ryley! is the company I had seen but couldn’t remember the name.