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Flipped Vertical Scrolling Repeating Group

I was wondering if you could add a way to scroll upwards on a repeating group. Newest items would start at the bottom and the rest would be pushed upwards. I am implementing a Facebook-style message box in my app footer, but couldn’t complete this element without this feature being implemented.

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Hey @garrett.mccurrach, :slight_smile:

You can do this by having the messages repeating group sorted with these settings:

Sort by: Creation Date
Descending: No

This will put the oldest posts at the top, and the newest posts at the bottom.

To accomplish Facebook-style scroll, you can create two custom states which automatically cause the page to scroll to the bottom of the repeating group anytime a new message is created. Airdev created an awesome messenger example, and the custom state scroll example is in this thread as well:

Messenger Example:

Custom States setup:


This worked, thanks!

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Thank you for sharing. This has given me headache for a few days. You saved me… :+1:

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