Floating Group Issues - Frozen

Good morning!

I’m having the following problem with the floating group: after login it works perfectly, responding to icon clicks and displaying the pages perfectly. On the chat page, after displaying the result of a search in the Multi input group, the buttons in the floating group stop responding to clicks, as if they were blocked. I tried to force a show floating group action but it didn’t work.

The floating group is positioned at the bottom of the page.

Any suggestion to solve the problem?

Thank you very much

check the conditionals on buttons you try to click, maybe there is a condition on it that makes it not clickable for some reason.

You can also use the debugger in step by step mode and click on the button to see what happens to help isolate the issue.

I think that it is something related to the z-index of your floating group. For some reason, it may be below the page elements. Can you click the floating group and share with us how did you configure it?

Certainly…thanks for the feedback.

Attached the images of the object …

Thank you very much

Certainly…thanks for the feedback.

Attached the images of the object floating Group …

Thank you very much

Captura de Tela 2023-08-11 às 18.01.02

it is the buttons that you need to check

Because it is the buttons that you indicate are the source of the issue in that they are not clickable. Floating group setup likely has nothing to do with the buttons inside of the floating group not responding to clicks