FOLLOW & UNFOLLOW. How many buttons do I use?

My site will have users who make a list of friends or follow players.

Do I use one button and change the function of that button depending if they want to follow or are following or want to unfollow…or do I create different buttons and only display based on the current state between the 2 players?

I’m having a chicken or the egg came first moment?



I would use one button and add two conditions, you can change the text, color etc of the button based on a condition.

when current user’s follow is ‘yes’
text: Unfollow
background: red

when current user’s follow is ‘no’
text: Follow
background: green

Or something along those lines, depending on how you have setup the follow system. But it is always easier to deal with one element in my opinion.

That is a good question. How do I set up the follow system. I was just thinking it would be a field with a list in the User data.

Do you have any suggestions?


I think there are plenty of examples of lists like these but I guess it would be a list of Users on the User object.

so when you click button ‘follow’ you will make a change to current user > ‘friends’ (list of Users) > add User.

Something along those lines from the top of my head.

Do you know of any examples that show adding friends and creating a situation where that person you add has to accept?

I’m a 100% rookie and trying to figure out this flow of info/data.

Thanks again!!

Well I would probably do something like:

Create two fields (of list of Users) on the user ‘Followers’ and ‘Pending Followers’

When a User clicks to ‘Follow’ another User, you make a change to the User that is getting followed, adding the current user to a list (Pending followers).

Then you have some sort of menu/notification where users see the Pending Followers and decide to authorize the follow. By clicking a button you remove the User from Pending Followers and add to the list of Followers.

For a “two sided” follow, I tend to use two lists, one of users who I follow, and another of users who follow me.

Then you can use “Intersects with” to show where it is complete.

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