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Font stopped working on mobile today

Please see screenshots below.

At some point between 12pm and 10pm (GMT) today, fonts are not being correctly applied to my app (Dev and Live environments) on Chrome mobile, Safari iOS and Samsung Internet mobile.

Debugging checks / steps taken:

  • No deployment has taken place.
  • I’ve cleared cache on mobile and tried different browsers and devices.
  • The font being used is already available in Bubble (Fredoka) and isn’t a custom font.
  • On desktop, it all works fine in the editor, dev and live.
  • On mobile, if I open the Bubble editor the font isn’t applied either so it appears to be specific to mobile rather than bubble itself

Can someone help please?

Bumping this to point out that the font being used (Fredoka - native to Bubble, not custom) does work on mobile in some places but not in all. So it’s inconsistent but still remains only a problem for different bubble styles on mobile. Again, only started as an issue yesterday in Dev and Live without a deployment. I’m awaiting an update from Bubble Support but no response so far. Without this, the app is using default fonts (times new roman like on iOS!?)

The root cause here was that I was using Fredoka One font, native to Bubble (not custom) but provided by Google Fonts. Google have removed Fredoka One as of last week but kept font Fredoka. The behavior is therefore correct in that the Bubble App cannot find the font to use. A little frustrating but one to check if you come across the same problem.

I’ve been advised by Bubble to use the App search tool and / or the “Find all elements using this style” in the style editor to manually go and change these to use an available font.

Is the font available elsewhere? You can re-import the font if you can find an alternate source, by including a little code in your header.

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