Force the AND operator in an expression


I want to write an expression as follows:

Condition A or Condition B have to be true (any of both or both).
Condition C always have to be true.

How should I combine AND / OR operators for this? How would this expression look like?


If you’re using the experimental parenthesis feature, it’s as simple as (Condition A is true or Condition B is true) AND Condition C is true

If not then you might have to use some custom states (i.e. set a custom state value if either Condition A or B are true), then use that custom state value AND condition C in the expression.

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Thanks Adam. I am not using the experimental parenthesis feature.

What if I use:

Condition A is true AND Condition C is true OR Condition B is true AND Condition C is true

Would this have the same result as what you suggested?

I was going to suggest that as another possibility… but I’m not certain how the last AND would be read…

But it should be simple enough to test it…

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Yes I will test it, thanks!

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