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Format `Date Created` as number of days ago

How can you show the number of days since creation of a thing? I read in another thread that you should select format as:

However I can’t find this possibility anywhere, just find formatted as, which is something else:

Who can help me find this option, since I need to be able to show the days past since a request has been created. Thanks!

I think you can do current date - created date formatted as days. It would be cool however to implement moment.js ( as a plugin. It would let one automatically display date from now as some time ago, which could be seconds, minutes, hours, days etc.

I had a go at creating the plugin but gave up as I ran into some seemingly insurmountable issues - for me anyway. I couldn’t find a way to pass the necessary variables on page load, which is important. I may revisit it at some point.

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