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Format for times

Hi, is there a number or other format for times - preferably in 24h clock format? At the moment I am trying to use a generic number format.

For example, a shop may only be open from 09:00 until 15:00 (on weekdays).


Yes, when you display the time as text on a page, you can click to add :formatted as after the dynamic data you insert. From there, you’ll be prompted to select whichever format you want.

Thanks - however it only seem to offer ‘US Phone’ as an option for me. Maybe there should be a format called ‘time’ in the same way that there is one called ‘date’.

I’m not sure what you mean. US Phone shouldn’t be your only option. Screenshot?

If the field is a date/time field, then you will get the date/time formatting … it is contextual to the type of field.

Sounds like you have a phone number field ?

I am using the data page to define these fields as types, then going to the input and text boxes to use ‘formatted as:’.

I think I got ‘US phone number’ for the format when I tried to set the field as type ‘number’

When I try field type ‘date’ (there is no ‘time’ or ‘date/time’) it wants me to input a date when I try to write in that data table, whereas I only want a time option. What I am doing wrong?



Yes, it seems to set the time to 00:00 internally on the database when using the data page (bubble seems to have a couple of these hidden data parts, like GPS lat/long on address).

But you can still pull them out and use them on pages i.e. it just shows the time. I would image you would have to set the date to something standard (1/1/2000) and just have a time displayed and update that.

So…add your dates in the data page. Then have a simple admin page that has a repeating group pulling out time, and then update ?

well, at the moment the field is defined as type ‘date’ (so that I can access the formatted as: options that include hh:mm).

When I try to input a new time, it thinks I am inputting text so gives an error message that says it needs it to be date format. but then I can’t display it as hh:mm.

I will try again tomorrow - maybe I have made a mistake

Date/time formatting does seem quite awkward, so I wonder if there is a better way to store a time and format it ?

Let us know if you find a way :smile:

Not really, usually what people do is to store that as a number.

is there a number format that looks like a time? e.g., hh:mm:ss. I have tried entering this into a field with type ‘number’ but it only saves the ‘hh’ digits - or do you mean to make a field for hours, one for minutes and one for seconds?

That’s what people have done so far.

ok so I need one input box for the hours and another for the minutes? I can’t find a way to input hh:mm and then pick the first 2 digits (hh) to store in one field and the last 2 (the mm after the :slight_smile: to store in another.

There is …

:truncated to
:truncated from end to

Will that work ?

Hi, now I have stuck in the same problem. I have a radio button, which have 3 lines. The condition which I want is that the first line should be shown to the users only between 09:00 to 15:00.

No conditions on the next 2 lines.

Thanks in advance.

More of the same problem.

I used the advice in this thread to store my HH:mm times as separate integers in the database. So I’m storing hh in one field and mm in the other field as integers. I have to do some subtraction of times to arrive at hours and things like that, so I separated them to integers.

BUT… I can’t find an option to display them properly now. When I use dynamic text, instead of “3:00” it shows “3:0”. It does not force a double digit display for a zero minute value. How can I change this so it displays properly?