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:format list - Formatting a list

@emmanuel Could we format a list based on a list of things ?

Exemple 1 :
I wish I send in an email “You won 5 products : 2 tschirts + 1 sweat + 1 trousers
I imagine somthing like this for a List of Order : format list

  • Content : “ThisOrder’s Quantity ThisOrder’s Product’s name
  • Separator : " + "

same idea than @mmcconna actually

Exemple 2 :
In the API Connector, I add the same @Martin’s issue. This would help :

  • Content : "
    “email”: “user’s email”,
    “age”: user’s age
  • Separator : ", "



I’m not sure I understand the question… What is the input and the output you’re looking at?

My request is to be able to format a list with dynamic data for each item, and to let us format the separator as well.

Right now it’s not possible to write in a text something like 2 x tschirts + 1 x sweat based on a List of Orders [Quantity; Product].

So I imagine a function such as : format as a text that applies to a List of Things.

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I see. Not sure we’ll add that soon, but we’ll think about it.